Trudi Taylor

 Songs to Celebrate Minnesota

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Here are two of Trudi's original songs, to celebrate the amazing state, Minnesota!

  • Sing of Minnesota 3:18


What could be more loved than glorious Spring coming to Minnesota?

Photos by Trudi Taylor

  • You're As Loved As the Spring in Minnesota2:58

   You're As Loved as the Spring in Minnesota

(My Minnesota Love)

Trudi Taylor ©1992

Chorus: You’re as loved as the Spring in Minnesota!
Your smile warms me like the sun.
Like the mellow Springtime breeze,

              you put my soul at ease.
My Minnesota Love, you are my one.

You’re my Saturday evening Home Companion.
My walk to the lake at dawn’s first light.
You’re the lengthening of the days.

The Twin Cities morning haze…

With you by my side, the world is right!

You’re the white swans flying north across the blue sky –
And the happy calls of neighbors ‘cross the street.
You’re the sweet smell of earth,

            released by melting snow.
It’s Springtime in my heart, when’er we meet.

 You’re the ships breaking through at Duluth harbor.
And the sights cross wide cliff and waterfall.
You’re my breeze across the plain,

The Springtime’s flowering rain,

The falcon’s flight, the loon’s soft, haunting call….

And I Will  Sing of Minnesota

Trudi Taylor ©2014

Chorus: And I will sing of Minnesota,

Her towering pines, her blue skies up above;

And I will sing of Minnesota.

Land of lakes, and land of love.

I will sing of the land called Minnesota.

A   melody for this place that is my home...

My heart will ever remain in Minnesota,

No matter how far that I must roam.

I will sing of her  harmony of seasons,

Wondrous white winter, and breathtaking fall,
Her joyous spring and her celebrating summer,

Nature’s bounty shared throughout them all!

I will sing the rich stories of her peoples,
Wisdom and laughter, the 
lyrics  of her song.
Her verses filled with respect and with good living,
Minnesota: the place we all belong.