• Work Up the Nerve3:41

You Keep Me Smilin', Valentine!

Trudi Taylor  © 2022

Ya know I love ya; Oh yes, I love ya
Everyday I’m glad you’re mine
Ya know I love ya; So much, I love ya
You keep me smilin’, Valentine
Most people think that Valentines
Is just one day a year
But because you are my sweetheart
(For me) Every day’s that dear
You keep me smiling in my heart
My joy is your career
I’m deeper in love every day
My respect for you sincere

We’ve been together many years
Each sweeter than the last
Because our love still feels so new
Can’t believe the time that’s passed     
You’ve made each day adventure
Oh, the mem’ries we’ve amassed
We’ve learned to trust that love is real
Smile quotients? Unsurpassed

Ya know I love ya; Oh yes, I love ya
Everyday I’m glad you’re mine
Ya know I love ya; So much, I love ya
You keep me smilin’, Valentine.
Yes, you just keep me smilin’, Valentine.

  • Teach Me Love3:29

Here are some tunes I've written.... Hope you like them!


​​​​​​​Cruisin' In My Model "A"

​        Trudi Taylor © 2019


Yes, I'm cruisin', I'm cruisin',

I'm cruisin' in my Model "A."

For having fun out on the road,

There's just no better way!

Yes, I'm cruisin', I'm cruisin',

I'm cruisin' in my Model "A."

'Bout the best dang feeling

In the whole wide world,

Out cruisin' in my Model "A!"

Verse 1:

I'm just cruisin' down the road,

In my vintage Model "A."

With my good friends by my side,  -

That makes this the perfect day!

          She's rollin' smooth and happy,

          Everything's just running tight....

When I'm cruisin' in my Model "A"

The World just feels so Right!     Chorus

Verse 2:

I'm cruisin' down a country lane,

In my shined up Model "A."

The cows and horses crowd the fence

To cheer us on our way!

          The window's cranked down, the sunshine's bright.

          The farmers give a wave.

Every mile's a special treat,

A memory to save.....

'Cuz I'm ........ Chorus

Verse 3:

Drivin' in the city now,

And everybody stops to stare.

Their city-fied faces turn to smiles

To see this wonder rare:

          A Model "A" just cruisin' by.

          What adventure that must be!

I gotta say, I'm feeling good,

Cause they're all wishin'


'Cuz I'm ........ Chorus

Here's a little song I wrote for a friend to celebrate his "new" 1930 Model "A."

Singalong with

Trudi Taylor

  • Ya Keep Me Smilin, Valentine2:42

  • Momma's Ten Word Christmas Rule3:07


Human "angels" are all around us!

THANKS to each of you who spend your live

making others'  lives richer and safer and happier! This is for YOU! (Original long version available upon request.)

Teach Me Love

            ©Trudi Taylor 

I thought my life was all over
I thought I’d tried it all before
I thought all love words were throw-away words
That I had nothing left to give
I felt so sad and so empty
I felt that the Joy could not return
I thought my heart was cold and hard
But as our friendship grew
I had so much to learn

You came to teach me love
You came to me to teach me love
Teach me to trust again through your heart so true
Teach me love, you came to me to teach me love
To make each day I live, a lesson new

If it can happen for me
It can happen for you

If you feel your mind is too crowded
If you feel life can’t go right for you
If you feel that people just don’t care
Then listen, please, let a friend speak to you
If you feel that no one needs you
You’re burned from times you’ve tried before
Please, for all the joy you can bring life
For peace, and for laughter, maybe happily everafter

Chorus 2:
(Trust a friend can)   Teach you love
Come now to you and teach you love
Teach you to trust again, with love so true
Teach you love, come now to you to teach you love
To make each day you live, a lesson new

Sometimes God Sends

Us Angels

Trudi Taylor © (Short Version) 2020

Sometimes God sends us angels
To bring joy and delight
Sometimes God sends us angels
To make our tough times right
To listen, smile, to give us hope
To help us find our way
Sometimes God sends us angels
He sent me one today

A thoughtful human kindness
A gentle word or deed
Can let us know that we are loved
And help us in our need

Sometimes God speaks through angels

So we’ll know what to do
Yes, sometimes God sends us angels
Today, He sent me

Momma's Ten Word Christmas Rule
© 2021 TRUDI TAYLOR (Performers, Trudi Taylor and Grandsons)

My momma was a teacher
Taught us lessons ev’ry day
The special gift she taught each Christmas,
Helped us all find our way.
She’d tap one finger on her chin
To count each word she’d say
Momma’s Ten Word Christmas Rule
Still guides my life today

(Her special gift to us was…)
Treat other people like you want them to treat you
Treat other people like you want them to treat you
Ten words to give real meaning to each bright Christmas Yule.
Tap it out so you remember, Mamma’s Ten Word Christmas Rule!

She’d start teaching us this lesson
When we could barely walk
My brother claims he could “tap the rule”
‘ fore he could even talk!
Then Mom would tell the story
Of the Baby and his life           
How He shared with us the Power of Love,
(He taught) For others live your life

(His simple message…)
Chorus: Treat other people like you want them to treat you
Treat other people like you want them to treat you
Ten words to give real meaning to each bright Christmas Yule
Ten words to guide your living:  the Ten Word Christmas Rule

And now I’m teaching my kids
This Golden Global Rule
We try to make our families proud
At home, at work, at school
All round the world ther’re billions
Living a version of this code
Each day can feel like Christmas
If we’ll follow in their mode

Think how kind our world would be
No one could be cruel
If everyone would tap ten words
And live this Christmas rule….

Work Up the Nerve

It takes nerve to take charge of your life! And I know YOU CAN DO IT! You CAN work up the nerve to EARN THE LIFE YOU DESERVE!!!  Here are some happy suggestions:

©Trudi Taylor

(Ya gotta)        
CHORUS: Work up the nerve to follow your heart
Work up the nerve to do your fair part
Work up the nerve to earn the life you deserve
To be the best you can be, you gotta work up the nerve

These words my mother modeled gave my life a head start
They’re steeped in my mind – even though we’re apart  
You've been given gifts, (she said) so much is required
Keep on learning and giving, so your soul stays inspired
Don’t let fears control you, for they paralyze
You can trust in yourself and your hopes realize
If you just… (Repeat Chorus)

(She told me)
To work up the nerve, name that challenge you face:
A new job? Start a family? Go to school? Run that race?  
All our lives have their issues, you can guarantee
And if resolution seems hard to see
Narrow your problem, get it down to its core
Start with just a small step, then work up to more
Just start to… (Repeat Chorus)

To work up your nerve, learn as much as you can
Observe and listen and build your plan  
Give others credit for helping you grow                            
Stop worryin’ ‘bout showing how much you don’t know
Old pros make things look easy, ‘cause they’ve been at it for a while
Just keep on trying and sharing that smile.
And you will ….(Repeat Chorus)

Well, when you’ve worked up the nerve ‘til some hope you can see
Have a pat on the back and say “Hey! Good for me!”
What’s the worst that can happen? If it all goes to hell?
If you gave it your best, practice saying: “Oh, well”
Don’t let worries freeze you, there is courage in you
And I’m right here cheering every brave thing you do
I know you’ll … (Repeat Chorus)

Now, Life won't always be easy, it’ll toss you a curve
But through times, great or sad

I know you’ll work up the nerve